johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Writing in the third person

I read in a book that the objectivity of thought can be expressed using the verb "to think" in the impersonal third person: saying not "I think" but "it thinks" as we say "it rains." There is thought in the universe---this is the constant from which we must set out every time.

Will I ever be able to say, "Today it writes," just like "Today it rains," "Today it is windy"? Only when it will come natural to me to use the verb "write" in the impersonal form will I be able to hope that through me is expressed something less limited than the personality of an individual.

--- Silas Flannery speaking in Italo Calvino's, If on a winter's night a traveler, p. 176

Tags: book, calvino, language, writing
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