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Review of Murakami reading

Well, I tried to go to the Murakami reading at MIT.

A lot of other people had the same idea.

The organizers, um, didn't anticipate the crowd.

The photo is awful. The important thing to notice is, you cannot see any stairs or aisles.

novalis and I arrived somewhere around 6:30pm. Reading scheduled for 7pm. All seats were full. I stood on the stairs. People sat on my feet. People walked between me and the people sitting on my feet. I think someone tried to sit on my elbow, but I'm not sure.

It was hot, because the air conditioning was broke.

Organizer came in, made jokes about Woodstock and acid.

The police showed up. They made everyone not in a chair leave. This included me. It did not include novalis, because he got a seat (he knows people who know people).

Went wandering, had trouble meeting up with One Less friends who were in town for the event. Later learned, they also were seatless. Eventually, we found each other, and an establishment with seats.

Disappointed in Poetry@MIT, for not having a plan to feed video or at least audio into an overflow room.

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